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William “Spliff Star” Lewis was born and raised in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. Spliff is the king of cameos. His ability to embody and morph into character, both on-stage and on-set, has solidified him as a legend in the game since the inception of his career in 1996.

His talent, coupled with his creative spirit, has enabled him to transcend from rapping and production to acting and directing. Whether he is in front of the camera, or behind it, Spliff is funny, but focused; calculated yet charismatic.

As the hype man to Busta Rhymes, he has been featured on numerous tracks and videos under Flipmode and the Conglomerate; Spliff founded PaperRock Records in 2007. He has had the privilege of working with Rah Digga, Mariah Carey, Fat Joe, Rampage, Baby Sham, Kid Capri, Kelis and Missy Elliot for starters. His last project, Food, is his sophomore album under PaperRock; it was released in 2018.

Through his travels, Spliff has been privy to many unique and comical experiences and people. He is currently working on a book that features twenty of his hypest moments, titled The Hypest.

Additionally, his experience in the game has peaked interest from aspiring artists; they all want to know his secret. Spliff’s perspective is priceless and can enhance ones’ performance and engagement with the audience. Whether he assists with improving stage presence or warms the crowd up as their hype man, Spliff has a full repertoire to intensify any project.

Spliff’s style is timeless; his contribution to the culture, indelible. With Hip Hop coming full circle, he has bridged the gap between the old-school realm, we have come to love, and the new wave of trendsetters who share the same passion.


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